Posted by: holly909 | November 28, 2010


Your paintbrush swerves red

delight kisses eyes open

my dawn bought in blood




Posted by: tyllani | May 1, 2010


queuing up to see
daily events

Posted by: tyllani | January 25, 2010

wiping the windshield

warm fingers
trickle down with ease
sharp images

Posted by: fenixnine | January 22, 2010


The surface is still now where I have drowned
in unnecessary tears

Posted by: fenixnine | January 20, 2010


a drought stiffens the land, cracks pull apart
nourishment has disappeared
for those who drank too much

Posted by: fenixnine | January 18, 2010


my shame breeds
in every action and word
that could not see you

Posted by: tyllani | January 17, 2010

Being Isolated

A night so dark
filled with stark thoughts
that park in me.
Mark of tears left.

Posted by: tyllani | January 15, 2010

death of my youth

freshly cut rose
lying on the ground unnoticed
trampled by toes

Posted by: tyllani | January 12, 2010

another year….

gift boxes
new wishes unwrapped
no glitter

Posted by: fenixnine | January 11, 2010

daily mat

Attention pounds is the price of money.
What you do for me, you don’t do for me.
It’s awful I think denying funny,
the reward way too little for the fee.
So rethink what you want from me, honey.

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